School Programs

Imaginative Multi-Media features a completely new way of teaching math while still using much of what you have learned.  For each math concept we use a geometric paradigm to emphasize the fundamentals.  From it we can derive and explain everything else.  The key is to highlight the principle focus of each topic and to build using a generalized method of pattern recognition.  I also offer studying and learning techniques that have proven successful with this approach.  The products and services I offer are:

Superintendent Conferences
Grade School Workshop
Middle and High School Workshop

Teachers Workshops
Addition and Negative Numbers
Multiplication and Fractions
Geometry, Measurement, and Science
Binomial Expansion and Euler's Formula
The Cubic Equation and the Fibonacci Series

Gifted Children Programs
Classes for Grades 3, 4, and 5

Program for Learning-challenged Children
Workshop for Resource Room Teachers

Selected Teachers

Instructional DVDs