Geometry for Noxon Road 5th Grade Honors Class

Geometric Construction
Measuring angles
Sum of angles of a triangle
Visual proof of sum of angles of a triangle
Draw a triangle
Sum 2 Sides is greater than the 3rd

Congruent triangles
Summary of congruent triangle proofs
Two sides and an included angle
One sides and two adjacent angles
Three sides
Reflective Congruency

Basic building blocks
Intersecting lines
Parallel lines
More Construction

A few Proofs
Sum of the angles of a triangle
Sum of angles of a polygon
The greatest angle and side
Distance from a point to a line
Parallel lines never meet
Similar triangles

More sophisticated Proofs
Pythagorean Theorem
Isosceles Triangle
Inscribed angle of a circle
Trisect an angle

Copyright (c) 2006 Irvin M. Miller