The Common Core Math Alternative

This is a prelease version of an alternative to the Common Core for math.  We have attempted to better organize the material and make strong connections so that math is easier, more logical, and more fun to learn.


This website is for teachers, parents and students.  It is designed to reach out to gifted and learning challenged children.  The program was developed in a logical fashion and has been tested with children from grades 1 to 8.


The plan is to change the program to meet the immediate demands as more people begin to use it.  Please be patient as we try to make this the best math learning process you have ever had.  To contact us, send an e-mail to  The organization is as follows:


1.    Basic Addition Facts

2.    Long Multiplication & Division

3.    Number Structure

4.    Fractions

          5 .Geometry

          6 .Fractions, dec., percents, st. lines, simultaneous equations. 


         Let us begin!

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