12/24/2020 Imaginative-Multi Media

   Math can be so important and fun to use when it is taught properly! 
   Yet, for over fifty years nearly everything that you learned in math
   is to be questioned.  Math education has become a national shame!

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Common Core Math Alternative (Beta test version)

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Virtually every child has an innate genius that must be properly nurtured by a competent and understanding teacher if the child's potential is to be reached.  Once that genius is ignited the child can become self-motivated and self-instructing.  The best investment of time and talent is made from the first through the third grades.

Middle and High School students need to learn to use their time effectively. Their wisest decision would be to invest six months willingly to learn what they should have, but did not learn in elementary school.  The best results occur when parents work cooperatively with both the school staff and their own children.